Lily Galler – Director of Pet Relations at Portland Is Home

Background: American Teeny-Tiny Fluff. Yes, that’s real.

Job Description: Director of Pet Relations. I get to interview all the pets that come to PIH with their humans who want to buy or sell a home for them. It’s usually an invigorating assignment! I’ve been working at Portland Is Home for as long as I can remember. Then again, memory isn’t my strong suit so it could be any length of time, really, but I digress.

Favorites: Squirrels. Sadly we have no squirrels on staff….yet.

Movie: Power Puff Girls. Period.

Concerns: World events and fitting in three naps before dinner.

Current goal: Increasing my high treat to low effort ratio.

First Love: Naps. And squirrels. I LOVE SQUIRRELS.

Philosophy: Follow your true north. Or west. Whatever works for you.

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